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Who we are

Servicing the greater Seattle area since 2009

At Emerald Locksmiths, we know what it takes to successfully service you with any type of locksmithing service that you may need. We have been doing so in Seattle and the greater Seattle area for well over a decade. So when you need anything when it comes to locks, doors, bolts, chains and even windows, there’s only one number to call – Emerald Locksmiths in Seattle!

Residential Locksmith

We deal with any aspect of residential locksmithing. Whether it is installing locks, creating new keys or even installing complete home secutiry systems


Commercial Locksmith

We service the commercial community of the greated Seattle area with everything needed to secure your business location, no matter what or where it is


Automotive Locksmith

Getting from point A to point B can get real tricky real fast if something would happen to the locks or ignition on your vehicle. We make sure you never have that experience


Locked out of your home or business?

When you’re locked out of your home or business, your perfect day can turn in to a complete disaster very quickly. In these situations it is crucial that you know who to call – and there is only one number for you to call – Emerald Locksmiths in Seattle.

Over the last decade we have perfected our methods so that we will be able to meet any situation and any challenge when it comes to locksmithing and we can today solve any need you may have. We solve everything from locks and bolts, to new keys, refurbishing of old locks and much more. So whatever you need, just call us now and tell us what we can do for you!

Our Services

At Emerald Locksmiths we offer an extensive repertoire of locksmith services, and are equipped at handling everything that you may need, whether it is residential, commercial or automotive locksmithing that you need. We put special emphasis on customer satisfaction and make sure that our professionals never leave your home or workplace until the job has been finised to your satisfaction. If you want to read more about the different services that we offer, please follow this link.

About Emerald Locksmiths

Emerald Locksmiths have been keeping Seattle and the greated Seattle area safe since 2009. This means that we have gotten to know the community well, and know what is needed when it comes to locks, bolts, keys and even home security systems. We are very well aware of the unique challenges that face the Seattle area and as the premiere locksmithing partner of this community we are well equipped to answer them. If you want to know more about us, please click here.

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Why us

So why should you choose Emerald Locksmiths to handle whatever it is that you need in locksmithing services? First of all, we are a one stop shop. This means that no matter what you need you will never have to go to multiple locations to get it. We have everything in one location. You may need services both for you home and your car, or your car and your business – and we can solve them both for you.

There is no such thing with Emerald Locksmiths as “can’t do”. Whatever it is that you need, we can handle it, and more. We are 100% committed to performing a job that we can feel proud of and that you can feel safe with. We will never compromise on customer satisfaction or quality of work, according to our philosophy they go hand in hand. 

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No matter where you are, or when you are there. We leave in a hurry to give you a timely service wherever needed

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Our professionals show up with a smile on their face ready to do a full service job and we dont leave until you are satisfied

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I had my stuck internal door opened within a minute! Peter then replaced the lock and cleared up after he was done. Highly recommended.

David De Angelo


We had had a series of break/ins at my office and we got a security system installed after that. The work was done quickly and without fuss! Thanks guys!

Adam Stetman


For any emergency you have You Name It, We’ll Be there.

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