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The safety and security of our loved ones and property is a top priority. The right locks play a great deal in protecting your valuables and loved ones. You might want to change your locks for various reasons including convenience, security, home maintenance, or upgrading to match new trends. Excellent locksmith service should instal and service all major lock brands.

Emerald Locksmiths have been thoroughly trained to guide you on the locks to install to meet your diverse needs. Whether its deadbolts, mortise deadlocks, or high-tech options, we help you access your needs and choose what best fits you. We have the latest lock installation expertise for front doors, rear-entry, garage, windows, storm cellars, sheds, among others.

Every business knows that security is the one thing you can’t compromise. The security of your equipment and confidential information is crucial. As a business owner, you need a lock installation service that values your business as you do.

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Our lock installation service has a proven track record of skills, expertise, and professionalism. Our expert team of locksmiths installs high-tech security locks that are practically impossible to breach. We make it our top priority to provide only the best quality locks and accessories.  

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Lock Installation


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