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Being locked out of your vehicle can be very stressful – especially when you are in a hurry, in a remote location or when it happens in the middle of the night. Despite this, it’s always important to keep your cool, as improper methods of opening the car may cause more harm than good. Calling an auto locksmith from Emerald Locksmith is the next best thing to do to get yourself back on the road in no time. Our emergency team is always on call and will be able to reach you within minutes and fix your problem on site.

At Emerald Locksmith, we carry all kinds of auto locksmith tools and technology in our mobile service units. And thanks to our well-trained and experienced team of licensed, insured and bonded technicians, we can handle virtually every type of auto lock and key services in Seattle. Our solutions use quality and care to ensure that your car is unharmed during the fixing process. You can count on us to get everything right the first time.

Although you may only be aware of losing your car keys or locking them inside the car, other problems can occur. The advancement in auto technology has seen the rise of several car keys problems that you can face. Examples of car key problems include; wear and tear, damaged or broken key, stuck in ignition and so on.

Car key locksmith Seattle

We take pride in saying that many auto locksmiths in the area aren’t able to complete the range of solutions we offer through our auto locksmith. For instance, many mobile companies cannot achieve transponder replacement because of the technology involved. Ignition changes also pose a great challenge for many auto locksmiths in Seattle due to the ignition variations between automotive models and make. But this isn’t a problem for our automotive locksmith. We are abreast with the latest auto locksmith technology and can help with any auto locksmith services.

Emerald Locksmith boasts of having the most extensive catalog of replacement car keys in Seattle. Not only can we make more replacement keys than our peers in the region, but can also create the car keys for less than other locksmith companies. It’s our dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest developments that give us the capacity to handle a wide range of replacement car keys ranging from old car models to the new 2018 models.

Our list of automotive locksmith services include:

Car lockouts

Car key replacement

Autokey reprogramming

Locked key in the trunk

Car door lock repair and replacement

Ignition change

Auto rekeys

Key extraction

Automotive emergency services

Car key replacement

Emerald Locksmith can take care of a broad array of automotive ignition keys. In fact, we can duplicate or replace a car key for almost all vehicles on the road today. Our professionals are trained to create and program all kinds of highly sophisticated keys all from our locksmith van, cutting out the need for costly dealership prices and towing fees.

Autokey programming

In addition to our cutting and duplication services, Emerald locksmith provides automotive key programming services. A majority of car keys manufactured after 2004 need to be programmed to a vehicle, so it starts the car properly. Our team comes fully armed with the necessary equipment to program the car keys right there on-site.

Locked keys in the trunk

You may lock your car keys in the trunk for different reasons. Irrespective of the reason, you can be sure that our experienced auto locksmith in Seattle will get them out and get you back on the road. It doesn’t matter what your car model is or its security features. With our expert auto locksmith team, your car’s trunk doesn’t stand a chance. In fact, it will be unlocked fast – but without causing a single scratch.

Emerald Locksmith has the tools and technology needed to fix your car key and lock issues. We can help replace, cut, reprogram and extract your key. We can also handle ignition cylinder replacement, key fob replacement, and so on. Be sure to contact us today – we are always on standby waiting to dispatch one of our technicians to your location to take care of whatever your auto locksmith issue may be. With the fastest response time and guaranteed lowest process, there isn’t any other automotive locksmith company you need to solve your locksmith problems.

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