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We’ve all at some point been locked out of our office, or our home for that matter, and we all know how extremely frustrating that can be. Or, oh the horror, locked our car keys inside the car. While locks are meant to protect us, from time to time they can be more frustration than we would want them to.

Unless you know how to get out of these situations quickly it can turn in to a serious headache.

When these situations occur, you’re going to need a partner that can solve this quickly and without too much of a headache for you than it’s already become. This is where Emerald Locksmiths in Auburn comes in to play.

Our technicians always show up with a smile on their face, and a genuine will to help sort your lock and key issue as soon as possible to allow you to get back to your daily routine, let you get back on the road or let you leave your house knowing that you have locks that will protect your home and your belongings.

Emerald Locksmith only works with the best equipment and services, but we are also extremely moderately prices. We will never over charge you or add on services that you don’t really need.

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Safety and security

Relying on the first locksmith that you find can be a dire mistake. You may think that they are a reputable locksmith company, but how much do you really know about them? Imagine if you would call the wrong company that doesn’t have your best at heart. What if this company gain access to your home and your belongings and then they return with less than honorable intentions in mind? They will know where you live, where your family sleeps and where you keep your belongings.

At Emerald Locksmiths we always have our customers best interest at heart and will work to make sure that your home and your loved ones are safe. We offer the best locks, bolts, chains and keys in the business – everything to make sure that you get a good nights sleep knowing that you are safe at night.

No need to stress

Losing a key or breaking a lock can be extremely stressful depending on when it happens, and what situation you are in at the moment. The frustrations rise and you can feel the stress coming. We are here to tell you that there is no need for you to stress at all. Emerald Locksmiths are here to relieve you of that stress and get your pulse back to normal. We show up within minutes of you having called us eager to help you move forward knowing that you have called the best in the business.

With our state-of-the-art tools we make short work of changing locks, making new keys, installing new locking mechanisms or installing full security systems wherever you need them.

Don’t stress – call Emerald Locksmith in Auburn!

Residential Locksmith Services

Emerald Locksmith provides the Auburn community with the ultimate solutions in home security. We service your home with security solutions from the most advanced locks to keys and entire home security systems with cameras and the works.

We understand that your home is your castle, and this is where you and your family sleep at night. This is where you keep your belongings and for that reason your home must be secured with the best locks, bolts, chains and keys. No one wants someone in their house that doesn’t belong there. Especially not at night when everyone is asleep and unaware of what’s happening in the house.

At Emerald Locksmiths we have extensive experience in servicing the Auburn community – we have most likely serviced your neighbor at some point – and we know what the Auburn community needs. You may think that most locksmith jobs are the same, but trust us, they aren’t. Anyone servicing a community needs to know where there’s a higher rate of break ins for instance, and must have an answer to this, so that anyone, no matter where they live, can feel safe and secure at night when they are sleeping.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Servicing the commercial community in Auburn isn’t like securing the residential community. Commercial locksmith services differ greatly against that of the residential community and comes with its own set of challenges.

At Emerald Locksmiths we are well aware of this and therefore we have invested considerable time and effort in learning what is best for a commercial community, hiring specialized professionals and investing in the best equipment and products. It doesn’t matter to us if it’s an educational facility that needs a locksmith, a gas station a shop or an entire office complex. We are extremely well equipped to handle any type of locksmithing need that may come our way.

Automotive Locksmith Services

Residential and commercial locksmithing has their challenges, but something that really needs expertise is automotive locksmithing. This has so many components that to service a car or a motorcycle successfully anyone doing it must really be at the top of their game.

Emerald Locksmith is just that. We can open your car door if you have locked your keys inside the car, we can replace your ignition if it’s jamming or just create a new key if you have lost yours or if you – god forbid – broke it in the lock. These are situations that can be extremely stressful since you’re most likely on your way somewhere when this happens. Imagine that it happens at the end of a long day and all you want to do is get home quickly and you break your key in the lock of your car door.

One early morning I snapped the key in my car door. I needed a solution quickly so I called Emerald. They were at my house in about 20 minutes. They pulled the broker piece from the lock and created a new key for me. They offered to change the lock for me which I declined thinking that it’s not necessary. All in all, a good job.

John Baker

I’ve had breakins at my place. I don’t feel safe at home, so I had some cameras installed. Emerald installed them, and I can even check what’s going on on my phone.


My family and I just moved in to a new house. We had a major job done changing all the locks on doors and windows. We also had a security system installed. Since this was a huge job it took them quite a while. I think they were here the whole day. At the end they said that part of the service was on the house. It’s really appreciated. Thanks Emerald Locksmiths!

Shayne Mcadee

Why choose us

Emerald Locksmiths is the perfect partner for you

To get your lock-issues solved quickly and professionally there’s only one name in the business you should turn to – Emerald Locksmith in Auburn.

We have during many years serviced Auburn with locksmithing services, whether it be locks exchanges, installations of new locks, new keys, shutters, security systems or anything else. We know this community well, and during our years of servicing Auburn we have developed an expertise that is second to none.