7 Crucial Times to Consider Lock Changing Services

In the United States alone, there are around 2.5 billion burglaries per year.

Burglaries usually happen as a result of leaving your door unlocked, having a faulty lock, or someone else having access to the house key. While burglaries are a scary reality of living on your own, there are ways to prevent them.

Changing your locks often enough is one of the most important steps to ensure the safety of yourself and your home. There are many reasons why you should have your locks changed to keep them working effectively.

So, when should you consider a lock-changing service?

When You Should Consider a Lock-Changing Service

Our locks are what separates us from everyone else in the world.

Scary things happen every day in homes all over the world! To make sure you’re not the next victim of a robbery or a break-in of some kind, change your locks when needed.

If you aren’t sure when your locks should be changed, keep reading to see our tips!

1. Your House Has Been Broken Into

If your home has been broken into, it’s time to get some higher-quality locks.

This issue is usually not a result of someone having a copy of your key, however, it does happen. Instead, a home burglary is often a result of someone tampering with the lock or breaking the lock entirely.

If someone was able to get past your lock, you’ll want to spend the money to get one that’s a little more reliable. Maybe your lock was old, or maybe it was just not as durable as it should be.

If your lock is able to be broken or manipulated by a burglar, it’s time to bulk up your security.

2. You’ve Moved Into a New Home

One of the first things you’ll want to do when you move into a new place is making sure the locks are replaced.

When you buy your new house, make sure to have a locksmith come out and replace them right away. You never know if the old owner still has a copy of the key, or if the real estate company does. Regardless of who has had a hold of your key, you’ll want to make sure that you and your family are the only ones who still do.

Even if you’re moving into an apartment, make sure the locks have been changed. Apartment complexes may forget to have this done as they get tons of vacant homes ready each day. Plus, so many things must be done to get an apartment move-in ready.

Because of this, the maintenance team may forget the locks.

3. A Roommate Has Moved Out

Even if your roommate has moved out on good terms, have your locks changed.

You never know if someone will give the key to someone else, or if they will have their own reasons for coming back. People can change and they may go to desperate measures if they’re low on money. Plus, if you happen to get in an argument with this person, you don’t want them to have a way to get in your home.

Not only is your safety at risk when other people have a copy of your key, but you risk your belongings being taken as well. Just to be safe, always have your locks changed when your roommate has moved out.


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4. Your Locks Are Getting Old

As with anything, your locks are going to get old over time.

If you’re noticing that your lock is starting to pull away from the door, unlock with the use of other items, or is rusting, you may want to consider replacing it. While locks don’t need to be replaced too often, if you’ve had the locks for years and they look worn, you will want to look into it.

Even if the lock still works well but it’s starting to look rough aesthetically, it won’t hurt to have it changed out of caution. It’s better to stay on top of replacing your locks than be sorry you didn’t because something happened.

5. Your Lock Has Broken

If your lock has completely broken, you’ll definitely want to replace it.

Without a working lock, you’ll have no way to get into your home. Or, the lock may break in a way that lets everyone in your home. Either problem is not a good one to have when it comes to your locks.

So, if your lock isn’t working as effectively as it should, replace it.

6. You’re Going Through a Divorce

If you’re going through a divorce and your spouse has moved out, change your locks.

While you may think that you and your ex have a healthy friendship, you never know when that will change. As the legal parts of the divorce get complicated, you never know what your ex-spouse will do in retaliation.

To protect your safety, your family’s safety, and the safety of your belongings, change your locks after your ex moves out.

7. You Lost Your Keys

One of the most common reasons to have your locks changed is when you lose your keys.

How freaky is it to think about a set of your keys floating around in the world? Sure, the odds of someone finding your key and knowing where to use it are slim. However, why would you even risk it if you can get your locks replaced?

In the rare case that someone finds your lost key and can get in your home, you risk losing a lot more than the money it costs to have the locks changed. You’re risking your own safety and potentially your belongings.

Plus, you’ll have a hard time ever feeling comfortable at home knowing your key is floating around in the world somewhere!

Have Your Locks Replaced Today

If you’ve experienced any of the previously mentioned scenarios, don’t hesitate to have your locks changed.

A lock-changing service is inexpensive to have compared to the damage that could otherwise happen.

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