Hiring a locksmith can be confusing. Instead of choosing the first locksmith you find, take time to research your options thoroughly.

You can do some research on your own by visiting the company’s website and looking for online references and reviews. Once you narrow down the options based on that information, ask the company questions to ensure reliability.

Hiring a reputable locksmith is important to ensure you get the job done correctly. A locksmith with subpar skills can damage your locks, doors, or vehicles, leaving you in worse condition than when you started.

When you interview locksmiths, ask these questions to evaluate the options.

1. What Are Your Credentials?

Verifying that the company is qualified helps reduce your risks of hiring a locksmith that won’t do a good job. Washington doesn’t require a specialty locksmith license to operate, but the company should have a business license.

Ask if the company is also bonded and insured. Locksmith insurance coverage should include general liability, which covers any damage that the locksmith causes to property. If you hire a locksmith without liability insurance, you could end up with a hefty repair bill if the company causes damage and refuses to pay for it.

Workers’ compensation is necessary if the locksmith has employees. It’s the coverage that pays for injuries that the locksmith company’s employees sustain on the job.

2. How Much Experience Do You Have?

Locksmith services require lots of experience to handle the situation safely. Without enough experience, the locksmith could cause damage to the system.

Start by asking how long the company has been in business. A long work history means the company has provided quality services to the community over time.

Ask about the experience of the technicians as well. Look for a company with experience in the specific locksmith services you need.

Some locksmith companies might have industry certifications or accreditation. These extra credentials help show the experience and training that the company has.

3. How Do You Screen Your Employees?

Unless the locksmith is a one-person company, it’s also important to understand how they hire and screen their employees. You’re trusting the company to work with your locks and ensure your home’s security. You want to know the people who work on your locks are trustworthy.

Background checks are one way that locksmith companies can ensure that their employees are trustworthy. It doesn’t guarantee that the person is honest, but it does help weed out potential security risks.

You can also ask about employee training. Look for a company that invests in its employees and stays current on technology in the locksmith industry.

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4. What Services Do You Offer?

You want to be sure the locksmith can handle the work you need to be done. Most locksmiths offer general services, such as residential lockouts and automotive locksmith services. Some companies might focus on one specific type of locksmith services.

If you have something more complex, such as commercial locks systems or smart locks on your home, make sure the company works on those types of systems. If they offer the services, ask how much experience they have or if they have a specific technician that handles those situations.

A locksmith that offers a wide range of locksmith services can be useful in the future. Once you find a locksmith you trust, you can call them for future needs. If they offer different service options, they’re more likely to be able to help you.

5. Can I Get an Estimate?

You want to know the rates of the locksmith company before you make your decision so you can budget for the expense, which is often unplanned. Getting quotes from different locksmiths is an easy way to compare the options.

It’s not just about saving money, though. A company that charges a lot less than other local companies might not offer the highest quality work.

Sometimes a situation becomes more complex than expected, which can add to the expense, but the company should be able to give you a basic quote based on what you need. If the locksmith lets you know there’s more to the problem, ask for an updated quote before the work starts.

6. Do You Offer a Warranty?

If you hire a well-qualified locksmith, you should be able to trust the quality of the work. But there could still be problems with the work.

Ask if the company offers a warranty or guarantees their work before you make your choice. Providing that guarantee shows that the company stands by their work. If the company offers a warranty or a guarantee, ask how long it lasts, so you know how long you’re protected.

7. When Are You Available?

When you need a locksmith, you want the service right away, especially if you lock yourself out or have a security breach. You don’t want to rush into your decision, but once you decide, you want the locksmith to arrive quickly.

A local locksmith can get to you quickly because of the nearby location and familiarity with the city. Ask the locksmith how quickly they can get to your location.

It’s also a good idea to ask if the locksmith offers 24/7 emergency locksmith service. Even if you don’t need emergency services now, you may face a situation in the future where you do. Knowing you can rely on the locksmith for those situations can give you peace of mind.

8. What Are My Options?

Some lock situations are straightforward with one solution. Others might have multiple options. For example, if you want to update your locks, you can either rekey the locks or replace them. Asking how the locksmith company recommends handling the situation gives you information on your options and helps you evaluate their knowledge.

Hiring a Locksmith Safely

When hiring a locksmith, asking the right questions can help you narrow down the options. Even when you’re in a hurry to get your lock problems solved, take the time to research your options.

Contact us for more information if you’re in need of a locksmith. We’re happy to answer all of your questions.

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