Why Professional Key Duplication Is the Best Option

A whopping 28% of US adults report misplacing their keys at least once every week. House keys, car keys, office keys — all these tiny items are often misplaced or lost, never to see the light of day again.

As if that’s not enough, lost keys also eat up a lot of time and money. Whenever you can’t find your keys, you spend minutes, even hours trying to search for it. That’s time that you could’ve otherwise spent on more profitable activities, like work.

This should be a good enough reason to invest in key duplication services.

More than that, losing your keys can also be a safety threat, especially if you come home in the wee hours of the morning. Locked out of your home, you’re vulnerable to criminals who may simply come up and mug you.

The question now is, why should you have a professional locksmith to duplicate your keys? Wouldn’t any other handyman be capable enough for the job?

We’ll get to the bottom of all these questions in this post, so keep reading!

A Primer on Key Duplication

Key duplication is exactly what it sounds like — making a duplicate of an existing key. In the best-case scenario, the original key serves as the actual model for the duplicate. It’ll serve as the “guide” for cutting the “blank key”, which in turn will become the duplicate key.

Can’t A “Handyman” Handle This?

Some handyman services do offer duplication, but they usually need the original key. The problem is, many people tend not to think about “duplicates” until they lose the original key. In this case, a handyman is unlikely able to further help you out.

However, you may also get an offer that would involve disassembling your lock. Don’t agree with this right away! A professional locksmith can still make a duplicate without resorting to this step.

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Professional Locksmiths Use High-Grade Duplication Tools and Equipment

A key duplication service can help you in times of lockouts, even without the original key. Trained key technicians can create duplicates without damaging your locks. Nor would they need to completely disassemble your lock.

They can do this by either cutting a blank key to code or creating a lock impression.

Cutting the Key to Code

The first method involves using a specific “blind code” and “bitting code”. Blind codes are often brand-specific codes used to identify a particular make and model of a lock.

To create a duplicate key, these blind codes need to undergo “translation”. Once translated, the blind codes become bitting codes. Locksmiths enter this bitting code into a key cutter, which then lets them create a duplicate key.

This method requires specific education, training, and key code mastery. Licensed locksmiths possess all these, but most handymen don’t. That’s why it’s always best to hire a locksmith for key duplication.

Making a Lock Impression

Expert locksmiths can also fashion a duplicate through a lock impression. As with cutting keys to code, this method also doesn’t involve the disassembly of the lock. However, it does require a lot of training and practice on the locksmith’s part.

To “impression” a lock, the key technician will first insert a key blank (uncut key) into the lock. As the tech turns the key blank into the lock, the pins will bind within the lock cylinder. This, in turn, leaves marks on the key blank that the locksmith will file down afterward.

Trained Locksmiths Can Extract Broken Keys From Locks

Many keys look alike, and they can even slide all the way into keyholes they’re not designed to open. That’s why it’s common to accidentally insert and turn the wrong key in a lock. Unfortunately, forcing a key to open a lock it’s not made for could break both of them.

If this is the problem you’re facing, it’s best to ring up a locksmith ASAP. Especially if that door you tried to open is one of the main entry points to your home. A criminal can easily pick that lock and burglarize your home.

An experienced key technician will extract all those broken key pieces from the lock. They will need to disassemble the lock, but don’t worry, as they will do so without further damage to the lock. They can then create a duplicate for the broken original key on the spot.

Expert Key Technicians Can Do More Than Just Duplicate Your Keys

By now, you’ve likely realized how vital duplicate keys are, even if you still have the originals. However, it may be better to get your locks replaced first if they’re already old or badly damaged. These worn locks are serious safety and security threats.

Keep in mind that in 2018 alone, more than 7.2 million crimes occurred on US properties. Larceny and theft cases make up almost three-quarters of all those crimes.

In Seattle, WA alone, there were a staggering 43,298 cases of reported crimes in 2019. During that year, the city’s property crime rate was at 51.49 per 1,000 residents.

All these should be enough to prompt you to get in touch with licensed WA locksmiths. You can have them change your locks, add more locks, or even install access control systems. They can also set you up with the latest and most innovative home security technology.

Don’t Let a Lost or Broken Key Lock You out of Your Home

There you have it, all the reasons you should go professional if you need key duplication. There may be cheaper lock services out there, but they also come with considerable risk. If they aren’t cut precisely, they’ won’t release the lock and may even damage it.

That would then lead to a much more expensive lock replacement bill. So, protect your home and your loved ones by trusting only licensed locksmiths!

Ready to avoid the inconveniences, frustrations, and even safety threats of lockouts? Then be sure to get in touch with us now so we can get you those key duplicates you need!

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