Will a locksmith open your house?

In an ideal situation,  your spare keys are with a trusted neighbor or friend. However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and when things go wrong, we are often caught unaware. A house lockout is a stressful and frustrating experience.  You might lock yourself out if your keys are stolen or lost, having a faulty alarm system, bent or damaged keys, rusted door locks, or jammed key locks.

It can happen to anyone! You step out, and the door locks behind you. If your phone is with you or you have a friendly neighbor, then you are lucky. The next big question is, will a locksmith open your house? Locksmiths are the quickest solution to your problem. So keep calm, stop panicking, and make a call to your nearest locksmith.

Factors to consider when choosing a locksmith

  • Response time

One of the most important factors is the waiting time before a locksmith gets to your door. An emergency house lockout should be treated like that, an emergency. Efficient and reliable locksmiths like Emerald Locksmith get to your door within 15-30 minutes.

  • Efficiency in entry

Non-destructive entry is one of the most important factors when choosing a locksmith. Being locked out is not a reason to break glasses, damaged doors, or spoil the door locks. Emerald locksmiths ensure that your locks and doors are left as they were.

  • Security and trust

Your safety should come first at all times. At Emerald Locksmiths, all the staff are fully bonded, insured, and trained. We have a trustworthy team that not only guarantees your security but respects your privacy.

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Will a locksmith open your house without identification?

Having no identification when on a lockout is more frustrating. A locksmith needs proof of ownership before they help you regain access to your home. Unless you have proof of ownership, locksmiths won’t help you get in. No one wants to be an accessory to burglary. It is a precaution against being held liable for forced entry.

Don’t worry! We have a way to unlock your house legally.

  • Call your landlord

For rental property, your landlord can confirm ownership of the property. Afterward, you can give your ID.

  • Call the police

At Emerald, we can help you get a police dispatch to your house to monitor the process. Once you have access, you can submit your identification.

  • Call your neighbor

A neighbor is another person who can be used to vouch for your identity before you can verify it with the documents in your house.

Why Emerald locksmiths

Our stellar industry reputation speaks for itself. We understand your needs and go above and beyond to meet them when called. Other than opening your house, we advise you on the steps to take to avoid future house lockout.  Whether it’s key duplication, replacement, rekeying, or lock installations, we have you covered. Our Locksmiths are vetted, qualified, and inspected.

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