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Both your workplace as well as your home needs security. There’s no question about this. Without the correct security measures, you can’t be ready for security issues that may compromise your security – personal or otherwise.

Different people have different concerns about their security where some stress over getting locked out of their home, some are concerned with their car locks and some still worry about the security at their office or workplace.

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Safety and security

You can only really trust yourself with the security of your house and your business. No one else can foresee the potential threats that can strike your home and your source of income. This is why only you can make the decision of who is best for you to hire to make sure that they implement the security solutions that you need. At Emerald Locksmith in Bothell we want to be that partner. We want to work with you to make sure that everything that you hold dear is as safe as can be, and because of that we only work with the best hardware available on the market. We have the strongest in locks, bolts, chains and keys. We can even install complete security systems for you to provide you with that extra level of security.

We do everything so that you will feel safe and know, whether you are at home or out, that your home or your business is secure. You can log in remotely to your camera feeds and watch remotely what is going on in your house or your business.

No need to stress

There aren’t alot of things that are more stressful to us than losing a key – or even worse – breaking one. For that reason Emerald Locksmiths in Bothell are here to make sure that your pulse doesn’t go through the roof. We will make sure that you are calm and relaxed through this hole ordeal. We will make sure that even if its in the middle of the night, morning when you are on the way to work, or coming home in the evening, there’s nothing to worry about.

We have significant experience in solving any issue that has anything to do with doors, locks, windows or keys, no matter if its for your home, office, car, motorcycle or even boat. Emerald Locksmiths have you covered through it all.

So don’t stress – Call Emerald Locksmiths in Bothell!

Residential Locksmith Services

At Emerald Locksmith we take home security with the utmost seriousness. We understand that this is where it all begins. Unless you have the proper locks on your doors and windows, strong chains to keep intruders out and bolts that can take punishment, you won’t feel safe and wonder what is going on with your home when you are not there. Emerald Locksmith lets you feel calm knowing that you have done everything in your power to keep your home and your loved ones secure.

At Emerald Locksmith we are well equipped to deal with any type of key and lock issue, and know exactly what to do when the call comes, whether it’s a house or an apartment on the 10th floor.

To us at Emerald Locksmiths in Seattle there is nothing more important that safeguarding your home and making sure that when you are in residence you are as safe as possible, and when you are not there, that your belongings are still safe.

Emerald Locksmits have extensive experience with Seattle residential areas and have serviced all the neighbourhoods of Seattle for well over a decade. Odds are that if you ask your friends about us, we have probably services some of them at one point or another.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial locksmithing differs vastly from residential such, but in essence it is the same thing. In the base both are about finding the right lock, key and bolt to keep unwanted “guests” out, but the requirements are vastly different, and we also offer a different type of hardware for the two. When you’re securing your shop, office, school or gas station you need to have industry grade protection. This is something not a lot of homes require.

You may need shutters to protect a storefront, security doors to protect an office complex or cameras to protect an educational institution. Emerald Locksmith in Bothell are here to provide you with all of the security solutions that you may need.

With a long-standing relationship to Bothell, Emerald Locksmith is the preferred partner for many businesses in the Bothell area. With our knowledge of the area, it’s residents and diversity we are the perfect partner for any locksmithing need that can arise. We are always on site within minutes to solve any type of locksmithing issue that can happen. We have the know-how and the tools to pull off any job, big or small.

Automotive Locksmith Services

Residential and commercial is obviously the bulk of the work that we do at Emerald Locksmiths, but we can’t forget another highly important need that may arise, and that is to make sure that you can get in to your car and drive it. As a one-stop-shop when it comes to locksmith solutions this is a particular feather in our hat.

Ignoring issues with a faulty lock, or a troublesome ignition can have dire consequences in the end, and letting this go is absolutely forbidden. Our vehicle is like an extended part of ourselves today, and we rely on it to get us where we need to go, and without issues and hassle.

This is one of the reasons why we educate all of our technicians in automotive locksmithing. We want to make sure that wherever you are in Bothell, we are on site within minutes, and you are on you way again as fast as possible. Our main goal is that when we are done you won’t have these issues again. We don’t leave until the work is done, and you are satisfied that we have done a good job.

My husband snapped the key in the lock and we didin’t know who to call. Our neighbour had used Emerald in the past, and recommended that we call them.

They came right away, managed to extract the key and dulicate the broken key.

Highly recommended

Andrea DeAngelo

I needed new keys to my restaurant, and I called Emerald Locksmiths. They came quickly and changed the locks for me, and left.

Quick and easy. Good job


Emerald were great. Maybe a little more expensive than we originally anticipated, but the job was done, and we were satisfied. The lock they installed is said to be of great quality, so maybe that was why the price was a little higher. Will probably use again if we need them.


Why choose us

Emerald Locksmiths is the perfect partner for you

This is where we come in. We offer the most up-to-date service with the latest in locksmith tools and only the best hardware such as locks, bolts, chains and keys.

Emerald Locksmith in Bothell understand your issues with just a few words, and we are equipped to deal with any and all lock issues that you may have. With over a decade of servicing the Bothell region we know this area well, and its needs when it comes to locksmiths.