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It can be an extremely stressful experience getting locked out of your home, your office or your car. When you’re stranded you can’t continue with your plans for the day, and you are essentially stuck. We understand the level of frustrations that this brings, the feeling of helplessness, and the annoyance of not being able to go about your business.

This is why Emerald Locksmiths in Burien are here to help you get back on the road, or back to your daily plans as soon as possible. Regardless if you’re locked out of your house, your business or your car we are here to help and solve any issue that needs solving.

We offer locksmithing services in a number of different areas in Burien, such as residential-, commercial-, and automotive locksmithing. Whatever the problem, Emerald Locksmiths in Burien has the answer for you!

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Safety and security

Staying safe isn’t only a matter of having the right lock, it is also a matter of choosing the right locksmith to help you with these matters when the need arises. Hiring a non-reputable locksmithing service, a no-name service or just someone that you found can have dire consequences for you.

Imagine that you hire a locksmith that no one has heard of before, or a locksmithing company that isn’t serious. Anyone that comes to your house or business and works on your locks have complete privy to your house or business and will know exactly what you have in your house, your car or anything else. Imagine what would happen if they have less than genuine intentions. This is why you should hire Emerald Locksmiths in Burien. We only work with the intention to keep you, your family and even your dog safe. Our goal is that you will never need us again.

Emerald Locksmiths can handle any type of locksmithing work that we come across, but we do even more than that. Besides making sure that your doors and windows are secure, we have the capability to install complete security systems wherever they are needed. If you are a person that feels that the minimum of a door lock and window locks aren’t enough for you, you should talk to our professionals about other options for you such as security systems with a camera live feed. These can even be accessed remotely so that you can stay informed at all times about what happens in your home, work place or anywhere else that you want the security system installed.

Residential Locksmith Services

When protecting the one place that can never be compromised there is only one name that you should call, Emerald Locksmiths in Burien. We have, over a period of over a decade, secured hundreds of homes, and made them safer allowing the owners of the house a better night’s sleep knowing that they have hired a professional locksmithing company that has made their lives safer and calmer.

They know that they are secure in the only place that really matters. In all other locations it is generally only material costs if something should go wrong and there is a break in. But when it comes to your home, taking chances and not securing it properly is something that you cannot and must not compromise on. This is why Emerald Locksmiths have all the latest equipment, and security systems, to make sure that you are as safe as you can be in your place of residence.

In our residential locksmithing services we offer amongst other things, but not limited to: Lock changing, re-keying, full security systems, lock repairs and more.

Regardless if your have broken your key in the lock, someone has tampered with – and broke – your lock, if you simply need to copy a key or if you want a complete security solution for your house, Emerald Locksmiths in Burien is the answer for you.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Securing a business has its own challenges and therefore it is important to turn to someone that has expertise in these types of situations. Emerald Locksmiths have that. We secure businesses on a daily basis and hear on an equally daily basis how satisfied our clients are with their new locks, doors, safety systems or anything else we have done for them.

Your business is the base on which your family stands, and a break in to your company could have dire consequences for your family. For this reason, it cannot be overstated how important it is that your shop, office, garage or anything else that you own is properly secured with the right doors, locks, bolts and anything else you need to secure your business.

Emerald Locksmith has the answer for you and make sure that nothing is left to chance when we are at a job. We try to think of every eventuality that may occur, and we do this together with you, as the business owner. Over the years we have worked with countless schools, universities, small businesses, office complexes and more, and our expertise in this are is second to none.

We will secure your place of business like no one else, and that is a fact.

Automotive Locksmith Services

Emerald Locksmiths put emphasis on the automotive part of our work in Burien. We know that if you’re stuck with a car that won’t start an entire day can be ruined. We solve ignitions that it putting up a fight, we re-key your car or motorcycle, change locks and we can even switch out your entire ignition – everything to get you back on the road again. There is no limit to what we can to for you vehicle when it comes to locksmithing services. We want you to be certain that when you call Emerald Locksmiths in Burien we will get the job done quickly – and you back on the road as fast as possible.

I’ve had a few awful experiences with locksmiths in the past, and was hesitant to call a locksmith when I needed one. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. These guys came over to Burien quickly, worked fast and left a good impression.

John Davis

Have you ever heard of a locksmith company doing laser keys for cars? Neither had I, but now I have and I know who to call if I ever need it again.


I want to thank Emerald Loksmiths for their quick service and plasant approach. I had to change all the locks in my house due to a bad breakup, and they solved it and gave me new keys to all of my doors.

Excellent work!

Michael Wings

Why choose us

Emerald Locksmiths is the perfect partner for you

Emerald Locksmiths in Burien are equipped to manage any door and lock issue that can arise in any circumstance. Our team is knowledgeable about any type of lock and have the equipment to make sure that any issue or problem is solved in an extremely professional and timely manner. Everything so that you can go back to your way of life and put these stressful moments behind you.

Our crisis team make sure to get to you, wherever you may be in Burien, and solve your lock issues in a fast, dependable and as non-intrusive way as possible.

Whether you have lock-issues in your home, your car or your business we send our expert locksmiths to help you get out of a jam and back on track so that you can focus on your business, your daily goals or just getting to wherever you were going when the lock issue occurred.