Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Locksmith Services in Seattle

We provide you with the best commercial locksmith services in the greater Seattle area with 100% satisfaction.

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Commercial Locksmith Services

Business and office lockouts are incredibly stressful, especially when they happen in the middle of time-sensitive work operation. If you’re locked out of your office – whether due to lost keys, lock damage, or any other problem – there’s no reason to break a window or stop for the day. The best option is to contact an experienced commercial locksmith from Emerald Locksmith Service to address the issue with ease and efficiency.

Our commitment to your security includes well-equipped service vans and on-call professionals ready for dispatch. All Emerald Locksmith services certified technicians and contractors are licensed, insured, and vetted with service history as a commercial locksmith. Every single one of them is trained within commercial locksmith services’ standards and gets comprehensive company training needed to handle client contact and care standards.

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Our Commercial Services include


Full service locksmith for any business need


Full security systems and surveillance


Master key and employee keycards


Shutters, bolts and industry level locks

Instant Lockout services in Seattle

Commercial spaces need security systems with different standards than automotive or residential spaces. We understand this fact too well. That’s why we only avail well-trained professionals who are skilled in all types of locks and security systems used in corporations and establishments. Our experts will address your lock and key issue without scratching any part of the door. So, whether your office uses master key locks, high-tech access control systems, high-security grade 1 lock, or any other kind of commercial lock system, you can count on us to arrive on time and get you back inside and back to work instantly – with a smile on your face.

Emerald Locksmiths will arrive at the location in a matter of minutes and instantly restore your access to the office. We’ll also provide solutions for the specific cause of your lockout, like repair issues with your office locks, make a brand new key, or even reprogram your smart locks. Emerald Locksmith is fully insured, licensed, and bonded and is the one-stop-solution for all your lockout issues in Seattle. 

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Do you need a commercial locksmith?

Commercial locksmith service in Seattle is not just about lockouts and key replacement. It’s also about keeping your office safe and secure from intruders and unauthorized personnel. Security is a top concern today and is a major threat for most businesses. But despite this, many business owners tend to procrastinate about hiring a commercial locksmith until it’s late. This leads to issues that a company would have avoided if protective measures were taken in time.

Keep your business safe

We, at Emerald Locksmith services, offer robust security solutions to keep the bad guys from setting up an organized crime or breaking into your facility. We will install high-grade alarm systems, keypads, CCTV, as well as double locks to secure your working environment. This will keep the premise safe and protect your customers, employees and critical on-site files and data. Emerald Locksmith is authorized by law to open locks with your permission.

Re-code your security system

If your business has a high turnover rate or if you have let go of an employee that you don’t trust, it may be a wise idea to get a new code and new keys to protect your business. Call us today for re-coding your security systems and changing the door locks to ensure not a single unauthorized person makes it past the door.

Implement access control system

Just because someone is an employee in your firm doesn’t mean they have the right to access all areas of your premise. An access control system allows you to control the people that can enter specific areas of your business. Our experts will install such systems to monitor and regulate movements in and out of the premise. This way, you get to protect your employees as well as your business’ critical information and valuable assets.