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If there is something that can drive us insane like nothing else its lock issues in our home, our business and even our car. It’s a major inconvenience and can disrupt an entire day if it’s not dealt with immediately. Stuff like breaking a key, or losing it, especially when you’re in a rush is something that is extremely frustrating. 

This is when you need a reliable partner that will allow you to continue with your day and getting where you needed to go, or make sure that you can leave your house without leaving an unlocked door.

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Safety and security

Trusting your house and your belongings to a perfect stranger can be extremely risky and not to mention dangerous. For this reason, you should pick a locksmith that is trustworthy and that has the proper certifications and guarantees to successfully complete your lockout issues by solving them in a speedy and professional manner.

We recommend you to never use an untrusted or unprofessional locksmith for your lockouts or lock replacements. This can not only be extremely expensive, not to mention dangerous. Imagine what would happen if you would happen if they have less than genuine intentions when they come to your house. Therefore, the experts at Emerald Locksmiths in Sammamish are here to assist you in a professional and speedy manner, to make sure that you, your loved ones, your home or business are as safe as can be.

Emerald Locksmiths in Sammamish also offer a multi layered security option with not only locks and doors, but also entire home security systems – everything to make sure that you and everything and everyone that is dear to you is as safe as possible. Our goal is that you won’t have to call us again for a very long time. But when and if you do we aim to be the only name that you think of.

No need to stress

At Emerald Locksmiths our goal is to give you a good nights sleep knowing that you have protected whatever it is that you want protected by having the proper locks in place, or knowing that when you need a locksmith for any need you have someone to call.

We approach each job with the mindset that we need to secure your locks, doors and windows with the best locks and keys available on the market. Having the correct locking system on your doors and windows secure your home and gives you a feeling of calm. Our experts at Emerald Locksmiths only offer top quality bolts, keys and services for your need. Our smiths are extremely skilled on all different types of locks, hooks and practices to keep your house safe.

Residential Locksmith Services

Few locations are as important to have proper locks and security as you house. This is where you and those dear to you sleep, and this is where you have your belongings. We make sure that only those with a key can gain entrance to your house.

Locksmithing needs can vary greatly from house to house, and at Emerald Locksmiths we are well aware of this. Therefore, we make sure to only use the best tools and products when we change a house lock, create new keys or anything else that comes with residential locksmithing.

We want to be the connection between your security and your peace of mind, knowing that you have the best locks installed or the best security systems.

That’s right, Emerald Locksmiths in Sammamish not only offer locks, keys, lock replacements, new keys and more – we even offer you complete home security systems to make sure that your house and your belongings are as safe as can be.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Emerald Locksmiths in Sammamish have extremely long experience servicing commercial institutions, whether it’s a shop, offices, gas stations or anything else that you can think of. We have done it all, and have the expertise needed to manage any type of locksmithing needs.

We offer re-keying services, servicing old locks, creating new keys, opening jammed locks and much more. There’s nothing that we can’t do or haven’t done. This is why we say that we are uniquely positioned to manage any locksmithing need that can come our way for commercial purposes.

Imagine that you one day get to your business you turn your key and it snaps in the lock. You need to have this fixed before your employees arrive. This is when you call Emerald Locksmiths in Sammamish to come and open that door for you. We will have the key replaced and the lock fixed before your employees arrive, and they will never know what happened.

Automotive Locksmith Services

One part of locksmithing that is highly important but that one doesn’t think about as often is automotive locksmithing. This meanst hat we essentially manage everything in locks and keys, but also ignition trouble that you may have. And it doesn’t matter which type of vehicle it is. We service everything from cars to motorcycles and boats.

Being able to adapt to any circumstance is one of the strengths of Emerald Locksmiths. We show this through our extremely versitile abilities to take care of any locksmithing need you may have – even when it comes to your vehicles. If your car has ignition issues, if you have locked your keys inside, a lock is jamming or anything else, we are here to help you get back on the road as soon as possible.

Why choose us

Emerald Locksmiths is the perfect partner for you

Emerald Locksmiths in Sammamish have the latest and most advanced equipment to deal with any type of locksmithing need.

Our service is extremely fairly priced, and we pride ourselves on the excellent service that we provide. Our expert locksmiths have years of experience in any type of locksmithing and are extremely well equipped to manage your needs whether it’s a broken key, a lock that needs changing, a re-key or a window that needs a proper locksmith.