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Emerald Locksmiths in Shoreline

A part of the Seattle community since 2009

Welcome to Emerald Locksmiths in Shoreline! Your only destination when it comes to locksmiths and all the services that we offer. We have a local presence in Shoreline to serve the community with all its locksmithing needs from lock changes to re-keying, changing bolts, installing security chains and much more. No job is too big – or small – for Emerald Locksmiths in Shoreline. We have proudly been serving the area for almost a decade, and we have a record of excellence in doing so.

Shoreline has a real need for a professional locksmith that knows how to protect homes and businesses in the area, and for that reason we serve the community with the best locks, bolts and keys that are available on the market.

But it doesn’t stop there. Emerald Locksmith in Shoreline can even install full security systems, including cameras, to make sure that any home and business is as secure as can be.

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Safety and security

When Emerald Locksmiths set out for a job we do it to leave with the confidence that we have left a perfect job behind us, and that you and your house or business is as safe and secure as possible.

As the company that has been called to make sure that a job has been done after the client has had a less than perfect experience with their prior locksmith, we know the importance to leave a well done job behind us.

Emerald Locksmiths in Shoreline doesn’t compromise on anything. We only work with the best hardware on the market, as well as the best tools and professionals. Our professional locksmiths go through a rigorous course and continuous training to make sure that they are on the top of their game at all times.

No need to stress

To us it doesn’t matter what difficulties you are facing, or what’s gone wrong with your keys and locks. We are here to make sure that you get our of those issues as soon as humanly possible.

Once thing you need to be completely certain of. When you call Emerald Locksmiths in Shoreline, there is no reason at all to get stressed and agitated. We have got you covered, and we will do it at a very reasonable rate. We never overcharge, or try to do more work that isn’t really needed just to earn more money – unless you ask for extra work to be done.

Maybe you have some work that needs to be done that you didn’t mention during your first call, or you remember something else that needs to be done. Fear not! We will do the extra work as well, and we will keep the added cost at a minimum since we are already there.

With our state of the art tools, our quick response times and our professional crew, there is really no reason for you to think that it’s going to take a long time, or be costly. We will perform the work in a quick, timely and cheap manner.

So what are you waiting for? Call Emerald Locksmiths in Shoreline today!

Residential Locksmith Services

Emerald Locksmith in Shoreline is equipped to handle any residential locksmithing need that can arise under any circumstances. We are well aware of the need for a professional locksmith in the Shoreline residential area and have made sure that we have the services that the community needs.

We perform basic residential locksmith services from installing and changing locks on doors and windows to creating new keys, changing bolts and inadequate chains to more advanced security services such as installing home security systems that will keep you and your family safe at night or when you’re not present in your house.

Commercial Locksmith Services

As a business we understand the security needs of other businesses. This is why we have put a lot of emphasis on our commercial locksmith services. At Emerald we want to see our fellow businesses stay secure and anticipate any threat that may be to them. Therefore, we have a great focus on commercial locksmithing, making sure that businesses stay safe when there is no one there to protect it during the day, or during business hours when the employees come and go.

Employees constantly lose keys and at Emerald Locksmith we show up within minutes to create a new key when called upon, to change a lock or even install window shutters for store fronts and bars.

There is nothing that Emerald Locksmith in Shoreline can’t do when it comes to commercial locksmith services.

Automotive Locksmith Services

We all know the frustrations when something isn’t right with our car keys, locks or ignition. This frustration can quickly turn in to a real mess quickly unless it’s handled correctly and professionally. Emerald Locksmith in Shoreline know exactly how to handle automotive lock issues. We can re-key your car door or even switch out your ignition to make sure that you get back on the road as soon as possible. From time to time we lock our keys inside the car. When this happens, you need to be able to call on someone to open the door for you.

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Emerald Locksmiths is the preferred locksmithing agency by the residents of Seattle. We have served Seattle proudly for the last decade, and at this point we are familiar with a large protion of our customer base. We enjoy the work we do with the Seattle community and are proud to be the go-to choice for residential and commercial needs alike. To know more about Emerald Locksmiths, click the button below.