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User experience and quality of work goes hand in hand at Emerald Locksmiths

At Emerald Locksmiths we show up for every job aiming for complete satisfaction. For this reason we put an equal emphasis on quality of work and customer satisfaction. We’re not happy until you are, and will never leave a job that hasn’t accomplished both our goals.

I called Emerald Locksmith Services to re-key our new home. I thought I would need to wait a couple of days for them to come to my house, but alas! They came on the same day. I had all 12 locks done and 4 deadbolts installed. Again, I thought it would take the entire day for the work to be done, but I was wrong. All these work took about one to one and a half hours tops. I admit, you guys exceeded my expectations by far, and I was impressed. Plus the guy (I think his name was Peter) was very professional and helpful. I would recommend the Emerald team to my friends here in Seattle.

Dean Andersson

I moved to a new house, and the landlord hadn’t changed the locks from the previous owner. I was not at peace until I had a technician from Emerald Locksmith come over and change the locks. I appreciate the team because their response was quick and their services were stellar. I especially loved their professionalism and honesty and the fact that their services were reasonably priced. I would recommend Emerald Locksmith to anyone seeking for residential locksmith services.

Dan Sparee

I bought a car about four months ago, and it came with one set of keys. I had no idea about car keys duplication. Peter walked me through the whole process and was very open about the total cost. On the day of, Peter was quick, efficient and went an extra mile to ensure that everything is functioning as it should. My bump key came without batteries and with the wrong chip. He replaced them but didn’t ask for additional payment. I highly recommend Peter and his team to anyone who needs automotive locksmith services in Seattle.

Rebecca Miles

Thank goodness for Emerald locksmith. I had my patio door lock that I had tried several times to open with no success. After calling Emerald (was about 10:00 PM in the night), they were out within minutes and had the door opened in less than 5 minutes!! Peter did great work – he was quick and honest about what needed to be done, and the amount of time it would take to complete the job. Do not call any other residential locksmith in Seattle. Emerald Locksmith is the only one you need.

Jacob Palewski

Peter was my knight in shining armor today. I locked my car keys in the car at work (again) and needed a super-fast resolution, so I called Emerald Locksmith. Peter – who was on the receiving end was not only funny and friendly on the phone; he arrived on site in less than 15 minutes, fixed the issue in five minutes, and I was back on the road. I hope I won’t need your services again because I’ll be getting spare keys later today – but if I lock them all in the car before I get home, you can count on me to call you again. And hey, I’ll be referring you to my family and friends too.

Jenson Deo

I don’t like leaving bad reviews, however, after much consideration, I thought it would best to share my experience. I’m grateful that I was able to get such a quick service when I needed it most, but was disappointed with the outcomes. The technician that arrived actually did some damage to my car during his work. I’m now at the dealership buying parts to my car that will cost me more than the initial issue. The technician was polite and friendly, but I believe the damage could have been avoided.

UPDATE: Emerald Locksmiths promptly contacted me and offered a refund. Thanks to you guys. Because of your incredible management skills and ability to resolve my issues, I will be back.

Patrick DeMarco

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Residential Locksmith Services

Have you ever arrived at home after a long day at work and realized you couldn’t get in because you have misplaced or lost your keys? If you have, you know how dreading and annoying the experience can be. But don’t fret, a simple call to Emerald Locksmith can help you get inside your house in no time.

We are a reliable locksmith in Seattle providing a range of locksmith services for different brands of keys, safes, and locks.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Emerald Locksmith is an experienced and affordable option for clients looking for commercial locksmith services in Settle. With 24/7 availability and 20 minutes response time, we can deliver the solutions you need in a quick and timely manner. You can trust us to do the job right, fast and at a fair price.

Automotive Locksmith Services

At emerald Locksmith, we focus on offering quality services 24/7 for your convenience. Nothing can be as frustrating as car lockout out in the dark, on a busy or unsecured street. That’s why we always have a fully equipped van and ever-ready skilled personnel on call to give you a hand whenever you’re in need.